We look forward to welcoming you to our campsite.

Prices Caravan

Caravan and car
NOK 360,- per night

NOK 360,- per night

Prices cabins

Extra costs for renting bed linen/towels:
NOK 120,- per bed.

High standard cabin with 2 bedrooms
NOK 1550,- per night

High standard cabin+ with 3 bedrooms
NOK 2200,- per day

Simple cabin
NOK 900,- per night

Prices tent

Tent and motorbike / bicycle
NOK 250,- per day

Tent and car
NOK 300,- per night

Prices micro house

Micro house / All sizes
NOK 1300,- per day

Prices seahouse

Micro house / All sizes
NOK 2650,- per day