Sea fishing

Come and experience deep-sea fishing in Hustadvika! The fishing village of Bud is historically known for good fishing. The boats and equipment may have changed, but the good catch remains the same.

Experience sea fishing on the west coast

With Bud Camping as a base, you have an excellent starting point for great experiences out at sea. Way out on the edges for big lingcod and halibut, cod or you can retreat into the fjords during rough weather. And for those trying to catch as many different types of fish as possible or are on the hunt for a new type of species, Bud is the perfect place.

“Bud is located 40 kilometers away from Molde and 20 kilometers away from the Atlantic Road. The fishing village is situated at the tip of a peninsula with the Hustadvika as the closest neighbor. With our boat harbor as a starting point, one can venture out to the open sea and fish at the peaks, or in rough weather, one can head inland to the fjords and fish in calmer waters. It was in these areas that one of our guests caught a cod in the autumn of 2022, which weighed 36 kilos and was 190 cm long!”

Guests from the whole world

The fishing village of Bud and the surrounding areas offer a diverse landscape both on land and at sea for our visitors. Norwegian and foreign tourists come here mainly during the season from April to September. We have guests from inland and Eastern Norway who come to rent a cottage and a boat, and freeze the fish to fill their freezers for the winter.