You can find equipment for ocean fishing in our reception. We have well-known brands and everything you need to make your fishing trip perfect.

We have everything you need for a fishing adventure

The fishing experience is enhanced with top-quality equipment, as sea fishing gear often undergoes extra strain. We offer fishing rods, lures, hooks, jigs, bait, weights, and much more. We have equipment for both boat fishing and shore fishing. Many of our guests enjoy fishing from our pier, going out on the rocks, or driving to the Atlantic Road to try their luck from the fishing bridge.

The ocean life also fascinates children. Lying on their stomachs in the harbor and waiting for the crabs to take the bait is exciting and becomes an experience the children won’t forget. Of course, we also have fishing equipment for children, including nets, buckets, small rods, and crabbing gear.

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Sustainability & responsible fishing

Sea fishing in Norway is regulated, and our marine resources are not limitless. As a registered tourist fishing company, we follow these rules and inform our guests of what is applicable. We report catches daily and assist guests with documentation for those who wish to bring fish out of Norway. Our guides willingly teach how catches should be handled to maintain good quality, and we practice “catch and release” with vulnerable fish species.